Tim McMillan

Tim McMillan

Owner / Head Trainer

When we take the time to give our dogs the direction they crave, we become relevant in their lives.

Everyone understands the importance of raising our children properly. We teach them right from wrong. We show them by example to live their lives with integrity. With proper guidance, our children will grow up to be successful, productive, and happy adults.

These same principles apply to our dogs. With very little effort, we can teach our dogs to look to us for direction. Their mothers begin teaching and disciplining them when they are only a few weeks old. When they leave their mothers and become a part of our family, it’s incumbent on us to show them how they need to behave in our human household.

My goal is to teach my clients how to be good and fair leaders. Often times I see owners frustrated by their dog’s behavior, the reality is that the dog may not know any other way, and have never been shown what the acceptable behavior is. This is what training is all about, leadership, structure, boundaries, and of course, LOVE!

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