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We have 14 grand-children that visit or stay with us regularly. When we got our 8-week-old Boxer puppy, Abbey, it soon became obvious that training her was a must. When we met Tim McMillan, from Sit Means Sit, at a Del Mar Home/Garden Show my wife and I were immediately impressed with his knowledge and experience. After checking out the website we signed up for training with Tim.

We started our training when Abbey, or our ‘Wild Child’ as we affectionately called her, was 4 months old. Tim came to our home and within 30 minutes Abbey was obeying commands to sit and come. We learned how to re-enforce those commands during the week. By the 3rd lesson Abbey was not jumping on us or our youngest grand kids which is a playful habit puppies have.

Our ‘Wild Child’ has turned into a gentle, loving, and obedient member of the family thanks to the training and guidance of Tim and the Sit Means Sit methods of training. I highly recommend Tim for obedience training. He is firm but loving in his tone of voice and mannerisms. Our Abbey immediately became friends with Tim and wanted to learn from him and us. Abbey, now 8 months old, can now be left alone with all our grand kids and not be aggressively playful. Our weekly outdoor meetings to interact with other dogs involved with Tim and Sit Means Sit is a highlight of the week for Abbey.

We are very thankful to have found Tim and training our Abbey with the Sit Means Sit method.

Betty & Jonathan

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We are really astounded with Huey’s progress in the Sit Means Sit system. He started out as a very LARGE ball of energy, turns out he just needed something to channel that energy into. With daily structure and training, he has become incredibly obedient and attentive, he also really ENJOYS the training exercises, it’s fun for him. Huey is a smart shepherd with lots of potential, he just needed someone to guide him towards that potential, and for that we THANK YOU! Keep in touch!


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I highly recommend Tim and his team at Sit Means Sit. Our 11 month old mini golden doodle puppy Taimi was a terror and completely unable to be trained at home like our previous dogs. Taimi did a 2 week immersion and his behavior was completely changed. We were so impressed we brought in our 7 year old Cavapoo Zojja for training so he could understand the same commands we give Taimi.


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Sit Means Sit Dog Training was one of the best things we could have ever done for ourselves and our 1 year old French Bulldog named Hardy. After months of going through training elsewhere, spending hundreds of dollars with no success, we started to accept the fact that we may never have a well-mannered, and well-trained dog. Walking Hardy off leash was something we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. It wasn’t until my fiancé discovered Sit Means Sit Dog Training that we developed hope. After our first visit with Tim we were hooked, Hardy responded so fast with their unique style of training. One command that would have taken Hardy weeks of endless repetition elsewhere to master only took minutes, yes minutes to quickly pick up. Hardy at only 1 year old walks OFF leash and we have so much confidence in our little guy, which makes us so proud and happy to call him ours. Thank you again Tim and Sit Means Sit!

Adriana O.

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Tim worked with our Pit Bull Rocky, who is very territorial and protective. Rocky would constantly bark aggressively at anyone who tried to enter the house, even certain family members and close friends, when we tried to call him or get him to stop, he would never listen. He had been through several homes, and this was pretty much his last hope. Sit Means Sit’s training exercises and techniques allowed Rocky to become more attentive and obedient, so that he would listen to our commands. Sit Means Sit & Tim are responsible for helping Rocky to become a better dog, to get used to strangers, and listen to all of us. Our whole family is still amazed at how far Rocky has come. I recommend anyone who has any difficulty with their dog, no matter what the issue-to invest in Tim’s program. It will change your dogs life!